Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Misc: The Word IX

Bits & pieces from around the web...

*More Rashida/Jon from the weekend

Politico: VIDEO: D.C. toasts Wolffe's 'Renegade'
By PATRICK GAVIN | 6/2/09 3:24 PM EDT

The place to be Monday night was Cafe Atlantico, where Washingtonians of all stripes — lobbyists, journalists, politicos — toasted Richard Wolffe's new book, "Renegade," which takes readers behind the scenes of Barack Obama's run for president.

Seen: Richard Keil, Valerie Jarrett, Jon Favreau, Rashida Jones, Ezra Klein, John Rice (brother of Susan), Ashley Parker, Emily Heil, Jeff Zeleny, Ron Hutcheson, Jose Andres, Stuart Holliday. Arun Chaudhary, Ben LaBolt, Katie Johnson, Katy McCormick Lelyveld, Tommy Vietor, Melissa Winter, David Axelrod, Michele Norris, Gwen Ifill and Sam Kass.

Politico: Is Jon Favreau dating Rashida Jones? Or are they just good friends.
Patrick Gavin reports:

Seen last night at former Newsweeker turned PR man Richard Wolffe's book party for "Renegade" at Cafe Atlantico: Prez speechwriter Jon Favreau (it's his birthday today) with actress Rashida Jones.

The two have been spending a lot of time together - over WHCA weekend they seemed inseparable and even People magazine had a blurb on the two - and their budding relationship? - this week.

Last night just adds more fuel to the "they're dating" fire...


*/Film is suggesting Rashida might be up for the lead in an upcoming comedy...

/Film: Jake Kasdan to Direct Bad Teacher
The Hollywood Reporter are reporting (from Hollywood, no less) that Jake Kasdan has signed on to direct Bad Teacher. The screenplay charted on the 2008 Blacklist and was penned by Gene Stupnitsky and Lee Eisenberg, who also wrote the imminent Year One and are at work on the pending draft of Ghostbusters 3.

The Bad Teacher screenplay revolves around Elizabeth Halsey, a teacher with a cussin’ problem (er… no comment) who ends up in a bitter rivalry with her squeaky-clean colleague Amy Squirrel. Elizabeth is the sort of girl who wakes up at 3.40 in the afternoon, looks for breakfast in the fridge but finds only packets of ketchup, mustard and soy sauce so turns to her bong instead. I’m expecting that Rashida Jones will be front of the line for the role and that she’ll make hay with the truly hilarious bad behavior laid out on the page.

*I Love You, Man will be released on DVD and Blu-ray in August August Date for I Love You, Man
Paramount Dreamworks SKG, in conjunction with Paramount Home Entertainment, have announced that they will bring the comedy 'I Love You, Man' to Blu-ray on August 11, day-and-date with the DVD...
Extras include:
* Commentary
* Making-of featurette
* Deleted scenes
* Gag reel

*Funny post from 20-Nothings asks Rashida to play fair and break up with "Favs" so they can have him. Read the rest at the source...

20-Nothings: An Open Letter to (that minx) Rashida Jones
...Rashish -- we have a problem sister friend --

You seem to be a little bit confused about what I like to call "the way things work up in this piece."

See you -- the bangin', bi-racial daughter of a famous black R&B
musician are supposed to engage in some variation of the following: be hot mess, get knocked up by someone with tatoos in the dumbest places, disappear for a few years then come back with a KMart kids clothing line.

You are not supposed to date the intellectual savior of Obamanation. John Favreau is ours.

You get the Hollywood people. The John Krasz-on-the-Office's, the Used-to-be-Zach-Slater's. You understand them and their overwhelming vanity. They understand you and your face...

*Magazine-loving blogger 'Girl With a Satchel' on I Love You, Man fashion and Rashida's appeal...

Girl With a Satchel: Pop: Crushing on Rashida Jones
...Coincidentally, while the subject matter is bromance, I developed a girl crush on the female lead, Rashida Jones, and her cute wardrobe of cardigans, shrunken tees, yellow blouses and jeans. Oh, and the wedding frock. If I were to get married again, I'd model it on hers.

Not since Audrey Tautou in Priceless and Kate Hudson in How To Lose a Guy in 10 Days have I been quite so influenced by the fashion aesthetic of a modern film. Mind you, I'm a simple jeans-and-tee girl (with a satchel) with a few surf-label tees to my name. I own one D&G frock: couture I am not.

But it was also Rashida's wholesome look (not starving!) and sunny smile that got me thinking, "This is a girl I could hang out with. She looks like fun. Let's go shopping!". How refreshing to see a new face on the rom-com scene whose name isn't Jennifer, Jessica or Kate...

*Part of a slideshow on showbiz dads and their offspring

Asylum: Guess the Famous Dad -- Lesser-Known Celebrity Nepotists
Rashida Jones:
She's the "Parks and Recreation" cutie who bewitched John Krasinksi on "The Office" (and in real life). Meanwhile, you can thank her pop for "Thriller" and pretty much every other Michael Jackson hit. No, it's not Tito Jackson.

Quincy Jones:
Yep, the magical combination of music maestro Quincy Jones and the supremely hot Peggy Lipton of "Twin Peaks" and "Mod Squad" fame produced the gorgeous and funny Rashida. Mostly known for acting these days, Rashida has sung on a few albums and penned a chapter of her pop's autobiography. And she probably has some crazy stories from the "Thriller" recording sessions.

*And finally, a brief mention in the Irish Independent's profile of Mark Ronson

Mark Ronson: Where's your head at?

Ronson is a snappy dresser and even caught the eye of designer Tommy Hilfiger, who asked Mark to model for him, alongside other celeb offspring. He may not have been allowed to keep the clothes, but he did get a phone number for Rashida Jones, daughter of producer Quincy, and the two were eventually engaged for a year.

*I don't think Rashida did any Hilfiger ads --only Kidada-- but they did model for Triple 5 Soul together