Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Sightings: Washington D.C.

Rashida Jones & Jon Favreau: Dating!

Parks & Recreation star Rashida Jones and her current beau, President Obama’s speechwriter Jon Favreau, were spotted in the lobby of the Charleston, Jon’s swanky apartment building in Arlington, Virginia.* [see edit]

Rashida, 33, and Jon, 28, have been dating for at least several months. Jon attended the College of the Holy Cross, graduating as valedictorian. Rashida earned degrees in religion and philosophy at Harvard University.

This Jon Favreau is not to be confused with Rashida’s I Love You Man co star Jon Favreau, who also directed Iron Man.

Season 2 of Parks & Recreation will premiere @ 8:30 PM ET/PT on Thursday, September 17 on NBC.

Posted: Wed, 15 July 2009 at 3:20 pm


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Original sighting in the NY Post:

July 15, 2009 --
, of NBC's "Parks and Recreation," with current beau Jon Favreau, President Obama's whiz kid speechwriter, in the lobby of Favreau's swanky DC apartment building, the Charleston . . .


*Edit: (via comments) Apparently it's The Chastleton in Dupont Circle, not The Charleston in Arlington, VA. Pretty big difference!