Friday, October 30, 2009

Misc: The Word XIV

Some bits & pieces from around the web...

Rashida also did a radio interview on Elliot In The Morning yesterday. Topics included:
-How Parks and Recreation has evolved since season one
-What the set is like working with such talented comedians
-How she joined the show and was 'on hold' with NBC for months beforehand
-and, sneaking in a personal question, how often she visits her boyfriend in Washington D.C. (meaning Jon Favreau)

Link: MP3 of her answering the questions, or not, is here

LA social diary site The Daily Truffle says Rashida hosted a Peace Games fundraising Tea yesterday.

Link: TDT: You're Invited!

Nunzio DeFilippis and Christina Weir, who are collaborating with Rashida on Frenemy of the State, have an official website. [Link:] They have posted a brief note about the series, the Universal and Imagine deal and how they came to work with her at Oni Press.

...Rashida Jones came to Oni with an idea - "what if Paris Hilton was recruited by the CIA?" To be fair, she was describing a Paris Hilton-esque celebrity, not Paris herself.
Oni put us in touch with Rashida and we all talked about her idea, and together we created FRENEMY OF THE STATE. It's launching as a miniseries from Oni in the spring. The mini is the first of what will likely be many miniseries...
Read the rest here

RUMORS's Ted Casablanca posted another denial of the Rashida and John Mayer story that came out last weekend. It's from a friend of Mayer's, and Casablanca says they have each had their friends and reps deny the rumor so they probably are just friends. He adds that most of John Mayer's fame, at least in celebrity terms, is really based on the famous women he is always being linked to. Sounds like he's not a fan of his.
Link: Blab Blab Blab

INTERVIEW (Parks and Recreation)
Rashida and Chris Pratt did an interview with BuzzSugar about the show and Ann and Andy's relationship.
  • Rashida on the possibility of Ann and Andy getting back together: You know, I don't think it's an impossibility. I think there's still love in Ann's heart for Andy. I think so much would have to change for him to be OK with her. But I don't think it's an impossibility.
  • Chris on whether Andy will get a job or home: Yeah, the writers have found a nice way for Andy to get out of the pit and get a job and start sort of working his way up into independence.

  • Rashida on whether she likes Ann and Andy better together or apart: I think there's a lot of comedy both ways. I mean, I like this particular paradigm; I think it's really funny, because I just think Chris gets to shine a lot here and do something with something that could potentially seem really kind of cartoony and big which is like him, you know — showing up places and pretending to be casual about seeing me and all that. But he manages to make it kind of realistic and really sweet. So I like this dynamic for now.
  • Chris on whether Andy will start dating: I think that Andy's undying devotion toward Ann is one of the only things that sort of redeems him, so I hope not. I hope that he just keeps pining after Ann for 10 seasons to come. That would be the best for me.
  • Rashida on what Chris wears when he's naked on the show: They have those really unappealing little dance belts that were uncomfortable for Chris Pratt.
  • Chris on the nude scenes: Yeah, let's just say there was a dance belt included and it was uncomfortable. They kind of just are these little things that cover up your junk, but it was almost as if I was wearing nothing at all. Yeah.
  • Rashida on the show clicking more in the second season: It just takes time. I think for the actors, for the writers, for the audience, you just need some time to settle into what the characters actually are, and what's funny about their dynamics. And I'm super grateful that people gave us a shot to get there but I definitely think it takes about 10 episodes to even know what anything is, you know? I mean, you watch some early Seinfeld, you watch some early Sex and the City, it's nothing like the show turned out to be; the things that people loved about that show did not exist at the beginning of that show, you know.
  • Chris on the same: I've noticed that, as a fan of the show, I've seen it get better and better, and working on it I've noticed the scripts coming down the pipes have gotten better, but it kind of goes back to what Rashida said: it takes time for everybody. And I think it's just a matter of finding the sensibilities to all the characters and starting with Amy, you know; I think a lot of people compared Steve Carell to Ricky Gervais from The Office. But he has a different style of comedy, and maybe they were writing for Steve the way they did for Ricky Gervais. And maybe in the beginning, they were writing for Amy the way that they wrote for Steve Carell, but her comedic sensibility is a little different. Maybe it's not that funny to watch her be uncomfortable the way it is with Steve Carell, but it's so goddamned endearing when she smiles. And you see her and when she's enjoying herself, so is the audience. And you see her doing that a lot more now; kind of just becoming comfortable in who she is, and like the episode with the beauty pageant, she's standing up for women's rights. You're seeing more dimensions of her. And maybe it's always been who they've envisioned her to be, or maybe they're figuring it out, but I sure like Leslie a lot more in the second season. I just enjoy watching her more and I think that's starting to happen with all the characters.
Link: BuzzSugar