Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Other Works: Frenemy of the State Preview

Comic Book Resources has posted an exclusive preview of the comic book series Rashida co-created. The first issue, Frenemy of the State #1 (Codename: Noob, Part One) comes out today.

Story by
Rashida Jones, Christina Weir, Nunzio DeFilippis
Art by
Jeff Wamester
Cover by
Jeff Wamester
Oni Press
Cover Price:
Release Date
Wed, May 12th, 2010

An all-new series from the star of NBC's PARKS & RECREATION and veteran comic scribes DeFilippis & Weir! Ariana Von Holmberg is an heiress with a secret. But what she's hiding isn't a sex tape or a drug addiction or an affair with a professional golfer—it's a new career as a CIA operative! What better cover for an agent than a globe-trotting, care-free femme with a penchant for flights of fancy? But can Ari balance her high society obligations with her new role as a spy or will the weight of two worlds bring her dual lives to a violent end?
--Comic Book Resources