Friday, February 18, 2011

Misc: The Word XVIV

Preview of the Gotham Magazine cover and 'Rashida Jones Rocks' article (March issue).

 Love the bright colors! Thanks for the update JJ :)
-- Gotham Magazine

Doin' The Scarn in last night's episode of The Office. (Wasn't it called Threat Level: Midnight in that script-reading episode all those years ago?? I think it's funnier with the colon in the title. So Michael.)

A couple caps from Fuck Yeah Rashida Jones on tumblr 
Bachelorette: Ever banged an entire bachelorette party baby?
Karen: Why are you singling my line out like a million years later?
You jump to the right and you shake a hand
And you jump to the left and you shake that hand
You meet new friends, you tie that yarn
And that’s how you do the Scarn!
 -- Fuck Yeah Rashida Jones!

In Parks and Rec news, the cast and creators will be participating in the annual Paley Television Festival this year.
The episode highlights presentation and interactive panel discussion with the audience will be on Wednesday, March 9 in Beverly Hills.
 -- TFC