Monday, April 13, 2009

Misc: The Word VI

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Rashida was in the Random Photos section at Crazy Days and Nights again, thanks to her buddy 'Entertainment Lawyer'.

Lyn Devon debut
"Which leaves Rashida Jones in 3rd. I will need to make it up to her next time."

Parks and Recreation premiere
"Rashida Jones looks like she is ready to go to Hawaii. Oh, and she looks great."

Premiere info:
VF Daily’s picks for the top three parties around the globe

#1: Park Party
What: A Kahlua-sponsored party for the first episode of Parks and Recreation.
Where: MyHouse, Hollywood.
Who: Parks and Recreation stars Amy Poehler (with husband Will Arnett), Rashida Jones, Aziz Ansari, Aubrey Plaza, Anna Faris, Chris Pratt (with fiancée Anna Faris) and Paul Schneider. Also their Thursday-night brethren, Office cast members Kate Flannery, Melora Hardin, Mindy Kaling, Leslie David Baker, Rainn Wilson, B. J. Novak, David Denman, Oscar Nunez, Creed Bratton, Craig Robinson along with NBC entertainment co-chairman Ben Silverman and his dad, Stanley.
Why: Because the party was park-themed with park-inspired foods being severed (think sliders being grilled on the patio).
Talking Point: Kate Flannery, whose character on The Office enjoys dipping into the company’s booze supply, drinking the Kahlua-and-cream shots.

In good company on these lists celebrating smart celebrities

Celeb News: The Top 10 Big-Brained Beauties
Rashida Jones is both gorgeous and intelligent. The star of I Love You Man and series regular on The Office is the daughter of music mogul Quincy Jones. She attended a private school in Los Angeles, where she made the National Honor Society and was voted "Most Likely To Succeed" by her classmates. She later attended Harvard University, where she studied philosophy and religion.

with Alicia Keys, Claire Danes, Danica McKellar, Jennifer Connelly, Asia Carrera, Famke Janssen, Cindy Crawford, Kate Beckinsale & Natalie Portman

CEOMum: 10 Celebs Who Are Ivy League Educated
#7 Rashida Jones: When Rashida Jones joined the cast of The Office, her character was known as the girl who gave Pam competition for being "the token hot girl" at work. In real life, the beautiful Rashida Jones is the daughter of Quincy Jones and Peggy Lipton, and grew up in Sherman Oaks, CA, where she was a classically trained musician and top student. She was voted "Most Likely to Succeed" in high school, and then went on to Harvard to study law. Instead, Jones turned to theater and music, and even composed the score for one of the annual Hasty Pudding Theatricals performances. Jones graduated from Harvard in 1997 after studying religion and philosophy.

with David Duchovny, Wentworth Miller, Natalie Portman, Amanda Peet, Edward Norton, Joy Bryant, John Krasinski, Famke Janssen & Maggie Gyllenhaal

BuzzSugar: 5 Minutes with Rashida Jones

Between I Love You, Man and Parks and Recreation — which premieres tonight on NBC — it's shaping up to be a pretty good Spring for Rashida Jones. I caught up with the actress back at NBC's press tour party, where we talked about her new role as nurse and community activist Ann Perkins, her thoughts on the Jim and Pam relationship on The Office, and even a little about Top Chef. Here are some highlights:

* On working with Amy Poehler: "We're actually really good friends. So it's a crazy present to be able to work with a friend that you love so much. It's so rare. People always ask what drew you to a part and usually I'm like, 'Drew me? They cast me!' Like, we don’t get that much choice. You have to be super famous to have choice. This was just like a lucky, lucky, lucky situation."
* On being cast in a new show, instead of an established series like The Office: "I think it’s nice to be on the starting team and to have a new voice and be part of the development process."
* On playing the much-maligned Karen Filippelli: "I was terrified [to join The Office]. I stupidly, at the beginning, looked at what people online said, and they were so mean. I will never do it again. . . . But I stupidly did that, and I was right to be scared, but ultimately, I think and I hope that they did such a good job of carving out a real character that you could hate me as much as you want because you want the other two to be together but you saw and understood logically the possibility."

To find out whether Jones would, like her character, ever get wrapped up in politics and whether she thinks Jim and Pam got together too soon, just read more.

* On the critique that Jim and Pam got together too early: "Well, it's been four years! I mean, I don't know about your relationships, but if a guy's not with me after four years — hit the road."
* On her own attitudes toward politics: "You know, I definitely always thought that was maybe a career path for me in my life . . . and it may still be down the road. But yeah, I'm fascinated by it. I’m fascinated and disturbed at the same time."
* On how she fills her non-work time: "I'm starting to experiment with cooking for myself, which is new because I lived in New York and had a tiny kitchen and always ate out. So now I just, you know, make food for myself. It’s going great. I love Top Chef, so that helps. It makes me really hungry."