Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Misc: The Word VII

Some pretty pictures and notable posts from around the web...

Here's a scan from the April 13-19 TV Guide featuring Rashida

The cover story was about Amy and Parks and Recreation. Check it out at LJ community parksandrec here (3 scans by chel1359)

She's also on the international posters for I Love You, Man

Maxim: Today's Girl (9 pics)
We love you, ma'am
Birthday: February 25, 1976
Hometown: Los Angeles, California

How You Know Her: She appeared in Freaks and Geeks and Boston Public before becoming a household name as Karen on The Office; starring in the upcoming comedy, I Love You, Man, with Paul Rudd; teaming up with Amy Poehler in the upcoming NBC show, Parks and Recreation. She's continuing the longstanding tradition that TV nurses are much hotter than the bohemoths you find at your local hospital.

Talk it like a man: "I love guys and the way they think; they're so straightforward—and women can learn from that. Women tend to doublespeak—I'm definitely guilty of that. It's nice just to say what's on your mind, with no subtext, and not care about the consequences."
-Women's Health

FHM Online: Top Ten Hottest Rising Stars
#8: Rashida Jones
Everyone knows the knockout that is Rashida Jones as Karen on The Office, but Rashida actually had roles on several TV shows before her breakout rule, including Boston Public and Wanted. Now, media mogul Quincy Jones’ daughter is moving from workin’ a 9-5 to playing Paul Rudd’s fiancĂ© in this month’s I Love You, Man. Besides her good comedic timing and smokin’ looks, Rashida’s a Harvard grad – just like friend Natalie Portman (picturing those late-night study-sessions-turned-pillow-fights?). You can also check her out in Parks and Recreation, the new sitcom from the creator of The Office.

15 Hottest Mother-Daughter Combos in Show Business
#2: Peggy Lipton & Rashida Jones
Peggy Lipton is best known for her role in the 1970s “The Mod Squad”. She married Prolific music producer Quincy Delight Jones in 1974, and gave birth to two daughters, Kidada (1974) and Rashida (1976). While the eldest daughter is probably best known for having been Tupac Shakur’s fianc when he passed away, Rashida followed in her mother’s acting footsteps. Since she started acting in 1997, she has become increasingly popular, mostly due to her role as Karen Filipelli on “The Office”, or for playing opposite Paul Rudd in I Love You, Man (2009).

Asylum: Today's Crush --Rashida Jones (10 pics)
Rashida Jones is entertainment-industry royalty. Her mom played a hottie cop in the late-'60s hipster-detective show "The Mod Squad," while her dad is legendary music producer Quincy Jones. Yet despite her star-studded background, Ms. Jones has an appealingly down-to-earth vibe. From her early work as a bully on the Greatest Show Ever, "Freaks and Geeks," to Karen on "The Office," Jones has generally eschewed sex-symbol status for quirky fun. She's also something of a brainiac, having graduated from Harvard in '97.

LittleBrwnGirl's Blog: Fortune's Funny Girl
...It’s enough to want to hate her because she seems to capture that rare gift of being both funny and beautiful (mutually exclusive terms in my book) but the luck doesn’t seem to end as Fox Atomic and “Across the Universe” producers reportedly snatched up her spec script, co-authored by Will McCormack, titled “Celeste and Jesse Forever” and cast (who else?!) to play lead according to Variety...