Saturday, August 22, 2009

Magazines: Anthem

Here's the Anthem cover story from earlier this year. She was interviewed by her Parks and Recreation co-star Aziz Ansari and photographed at the Richard Neutra VDL Research House in LA.

Her dating horror story:

R.J.: I went on a date with this guy and then, before I knew it, he started masturbating.
A.A.: No! He was masturbating on the date?
R.J.: We were making out, and he was masturbating.
A.A.: Oh, so not, like, at a restaurant and his right hand disappears. So what did you do at that moment when you realized he was masturbating?
R.J.: I felt very violated. I disengaged and it literally became me watching him.
A.A.: So he just kept going even after you stopped making out? So you were just like, 'I'm not down for this,' and he just kept going? That's insane. That's like a worse-case scenario.

On Freaks and Geeks:
R.J.: That was a lot of fun because I got to wear a Journey iron-on T-shirt that was actually from 1980 that had never been worn. My name was Karen Scarfoli, and I was kind of a fat-ass bully.

On her younger self:
A.A.: I'm 25. What were you like when you were 25?
R.J.: I was annoying. I had a little bit of success. I was in Boston Public. I was dating a DJ. I went out a lot. Now I like quiet nights at home reading. Like a 90-year-old person.

Scans are from the Spring 2009 (#38) issue via
Original preview post here.
Thanks to Natalie for the heads up :)