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Interviews: Print & video interviews for Monogamy

Lots of interviews came out over the past week while Rashida and co-star Chris Messina were promoting Monogamy.

'Monogamy' co-stars Rashida Jones and Chris Messina open up about their frank new film, love scenes with friends, and their worst audition experiences.
Singular Couple, Backstage

Jones, known for both ‘The Office’ and ‘Parks And Recreation,’ and Messina who played Julie’s hubby in the Meryl Streep film, ‘Julie and Julia,’ and had a reoccurring role in ‘Six Feet Under,’ do some of their most interesting work in this subtle almost documentary like indie film by director Dana Adam Shapiro (the Oscar-nominated ‘Murderball’). In speaking with Blackfilm.com, both actors spoke about working together on this film. ...
Monogamy: Rashida Jones & Chris Messina Interview, BlackFilm

In person, Rashida Jones reminds you of a best friend: smart, witty, friendly and grounded. In her new film, Monogamy, she plays a down-to-earth, aspiring musician; a coolest-girlfriend-in-the-world. So why does her fiancé (played by Chris Messina) want to leave her?
Rashida Jones Is "Down With Nietzsche", Elle Magazine

Jones, known for both her comic turns in The Office and Parks And Recreation, and Messina who played Julie's hubby in Julie and Julia and had a reoccurring role in Six Feet Under, do some of their most interesting work in this subtle and involving indie. I sat down with both rising talents at the Ace Hotel as part of a small intimate roundtable recently. ...
Actors Rashida Jones & Chris Messina Entangle in Monogamy, Huffington Post

Rashida Jones is best known for appealingly low-key comic turns in shows like Parks and Recreation and The Office, but in the indie film Monogamy she mines meaty drama as a woman whose fiancé (played by Chris Messina) begins to stray emotionally. First Jim left her for Pam, now this! Glimpsed briefly but pivotally in The Social Network, Jones also has several other projects coming up over the next year, including a role in The Muppets (where she plays a hard-ass network executive "who gets to manhandle Kermit") and the starry comedy My Idiot Brother. Last week, she chatted with Vulture about the famous names she's been erroneously linked to, feeding a baby lion on the cover of Vanity Fair, and her nerves about whether Parks and Recreation will get another season. ...
Rashida Jones on Monogamy, Parks and Recreation, and Dating Other Actors, New York Magazine

She stars on a hit TV series ("Parks & Recreation), was featured in an Oscar winning movie ("The Social Network"), spent weeks on end kissing Rob Lowe and gets to kick it with Kermit the Frog -- suffice it to say, Rashida Jones is having a great year. The latest jewel in her crown is "Monogamy," a dark but fascinating portrait of a couple on the verge of collapse, co-starring Chris Messina.
As a longtime fan of Rashida's (we're talking "Boston Public" days here, kids), I was excited to sit down with the actress to talk all about her turn towards the dark side only to find her more infectiously energetic than I could have anticipated.
Not only that, but I got the scoop on her role in Jason Segel's upcoming Muppets movie and found out why Ann Perkins (point) is about to enter, what Rashida calls, her empowered slut phase. ...

Rashida Jones preps for an empowered slut phase, New York Post

Rashida Jones doesn't mind going wacky.
"If it's funny, I will go to whatever place I have to go, no matter how gross and unattractive I seem," says Jones, who plays nerdy nurse Ann Perkins on NBC's increasingly popular sitcom Parks and Recreation. "The goofier and stupider you can be, the more fun it is." ...

A Pretty Girl Loves To Goof, Philadelphia Inquirer

Parks and Recreation’s cutest cast member on Monogamy, The Muppets and making out with Rob Lowe. ...
The Hot Seat: Rashida Jones, Time Out New York

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