Friday, March 25, 2011

Misc: The Word XXII

MOVIES: Celeste and Jesse Forever

After a few setbacks Celeste and Jesse Forever, the movie Rashida has co-written and will star in, is finally coming together. Andy Samberg (love him!) will play Jesse and Lee Toland Krieger (The Vicious Kind) will direct. The LA Times doesn't specify but pretty sure Team Todd is producing.
-- Rashida Jones and Andy Samberg will get married and divorced (in the movies), Los Angeles Times
Celeste and Jesse Forever is a romantic dramedy about a divorcing couple trying to maintain their friendship while pursuing other people. An early draft of the script was voted =16th/20th overall in the 2009 Black List of Hollywood's "most liked" screenplays.

TV: Parks and Recreation
In other news, Parks and Recreation has been renewed for a 4th season. Awesomesauce!

A couple more promoting Monogamy and Parks & Rec
Rashida Jones is the perfect catch. She's beautiful, talented, smart (she went to Harvard, people!) and her parents are music maestro Quincy Jones and model turned actress Peggy Lipton.
But there's one hitch, fellas—Rashida may not be the marrying kind.

With Natalie Portman off the market, it feels like the Web needs another brainy Harvard beauty with whom to fall in love. To that end, Internet, may we humbly suggest Vanity Fair Hollywood Issue cover girl Rashida Jones? The actress first made us laugh as Karen, Pam’s adversary for Jim’s affection on The Office, and added fresh tension by being a rival you actually rooted for. Since then, the understated, wry, and approachably cool Jones has been making her own bid for the public’s affection with plum roles in Parks and Recreation, I Love You, Man, and The Social Network, where she had the film’s memorable last words. Now, she’s starring opposite Chris Messina in Monogamy, directed by Dana Adam Shapiro. The film follows a seemingly happily engaged couple whose relationship is tested when Messina starts obsessively photo-stalking a blonde exhibitionist. Little Gold Men sat down with Jones to discuss Jedi mind-tricks, why Parks and Recreation is like a hot girl with glasses, and the general awesomeness of working with muppets.