Tuesday, March 15, 2011

News: Rashida did not date Garrett Hedlund (or Seth Meyers)

Update #2:
Rashida herself told New York magazine the rumor isn't true - and joked about the age difference. It did seem pretty unlikely, her being 8 years older and all.

NY: What is it like to know that when you do date someone, it can be a very public thing where paparazzi take your photo or it's discussed online on gossip blogs?
RJ: Honestly, for me, I try to keep really private. The outcome of that, and it's kind of funny, is that everybody I'm talked about dating is someone I'm not actually dating, so I don't really care. ...

NY: At least you've been falsely linked to handsome men. There's that.
RJ: By the way, the last fake boyfriend I had was 26. Like, cougar town!

NY: It was Garrett Hedlund, right?
RJ: Right, Garrett Hedlund, who's also my friend. I can call him and we can laugh about it, but also, I look awesome. [Laughs.]

On a related note, she also cleared up another long-standing rumor: she never dated Seth Meyers, despite what her Wikipedia entry might say. It was all based on this appearance together in 2005. [Disappointed about this one, to be honest. They look cute together!]

RJ: Like Seth Meyers has been my friend for ten years, and it's on my Wikipedia page that we dated because we went to one thing together and took a picture. I think it's funny and hilarious and I love him because he's my friend, but we never dated. So, my advice is to just be seen with people you're not dating, and stay at home with people you are dating.

Garrett fan A- has kindly sent this update:

"FYI he has done some radio interviews and debunked the rumor. Garrett and Rashida are not dating - they have known each other for years and were simply catching up at a NYE party like friends do. Garrett says they both just laughed and joked about the Just Jared story (like "What? Wow. But we should totally fake date now" and "Yeah, you can take me to fake dinner and a fake movie") and decided to ignore it."

Listen to the Seattle interview here: Garrett Hedlund Is Starstruck By Nashville (94.1 KMPS)

Thanks very much for the info :)
-January 10

Rumors, rumors...
So she hasn't been linked to anyone in over a year; not since Jon 'The Speechwriter' Favreau (so dreamy), that one time to John Mayer (such a douchebag, and was quickly denied) and then Favreau again. Now it's to the just-turned-26 year old guy from Tron and Country Strong, Garrett Hedlund.
Not much of a sighting and seems pretty unlikely, not least because she is almost 9 years older than him, but stranger things have happened. Since Rashida is a classy chick and doesn't like to discuss her private life wait and see on this one.