Friday, February 27, 2009

Magazines: Glamour scans

Rashida's house in L.A. is featured in Glamour magazine's March issue. It looks amazing and so does she, especially in that blue John Galliano dress.

How To Do Anything Better Guide: How To Make Your Home Instantly Grown-Up

A star turn on The Office brought Rashida Jones to L.A. But crashing with family and friends soon grew old. So she got a place of her own and made it into the sophisticated retreat she always wanted.

How to Create a Space That's Elegant and Inviting
"I'm all about having people over, so I wanted to make this a completely welcoming place -and not overly girly," explains 33-year-old actress Rashida Jones, whose movie I Love You, Man opens this month. She turned to her good pals, decorating team Katie Fine and Estee Stanley, for help. "Once we were done fixing it up, one of Rashida's guy friends said it was 'the coolest girl's house' he'd ever been to, which was pretty much what we were going for," says Fine, who conveniently lives right across the street.
[see scans for the decorating info & tips]

Issue: March 2009
Article: Joanna Bober
Photographs: Melanie Acevedo