Friday, February 27, 2009

Magazines: Marie Claire scan

Here's Rashida in the Radar section of Marie Claire's March issue.

WOMAN TO WATCH: Rashida Jones

WHY SHE'S ON OUR RADAR: The freckled fox plays Paul Rudd's unflappable fiancée in the bromantic comedy I Love You, Man.
HER SHTICK: The Harvard-educated Hollywood habitué -she's the daughter of music legend Quincy Jones and '70s Mod Squad hottie Peggy Lipton- is the resident smart chick, always armed with a snappy comeback.
AS SEEN IN: Unhitched, The Office, Boston Public

CLING-FREE: In I Love You, Man, Jones, 32, plays a self-possessed guy's girl who encourages her fiancé to have his own life and friends. "I like to fancy myself as being that unconditional," says Jones, who's been romantically linked to low-key It boys DJ Mark Ronson and actor John Krasinski. "I'm pretty independent, and when I'm in a relationship, I support my partner's independence."
IN THE COMPANY OF MEN: "I spend most of my time with my guy friends. If you don't have that looming sexual tension, men tend to be incredibly honest, candid, and communicative. Girls can be complicated. Guys just see it -and tell it- like it is."
CHASING AMY: Next up, Jones joins Amy Poehler's much-hyped new (as yet untitled) NBC series. "I'm a superfan of hers. I used to watch her perform at Upright Cititzens Brigade. It's such a boon that I work with her."
MOD SQUAD REDUX? "If I remade it, in my dream version, I'd costar with Justin Timberlake and Q-Tip in Mod Squad: The Musical."

MONKEY BUSINESS: Growing up among the famous left a mark -literally. "Bubbles," she laughs, about a scar on her hand courtesy of Michael Jackson's pet chimp. "Forever to be remembered."

Issue: March 2009
Interview: Thelma Adams
Photographer: Andrew McLeod


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