Sunday, February 15, 2009

Magazines: Page Six Magazine

Rashida got a couple mentions in Page Six Magazine's 50 Hottest Bachelors because two of her exes made the cut. We picked better pictures :)

#9 - Seth Meyers
Seth Meyers, 35, Andy Samberg, 30, & Fred Armisen, 42
Cool ladies flock to these Saturday Night Live stars ... But Seth, who dated Rashida Jones in 2005, has a slightly lower profile—which means now's your chance!

#30 - Mark Ronson
Mark's catapulted to fame as a DJ and producer for Amy Winehouse, Lily Allen and Christina Aguilera. Since his 2003 engagement to actress Rashida Jones (daughter of music producer Quincy) broke off, Mark has dated Brit model Daisy Lowe (Gavin Rossdale's daughter) and hipster drummer Tennessee Thomas of the Like (whose father, Pete, is Elvis Costello's longtime drummer). Try telling him your childhood neighbor's hairdresser is totally Frank Sinatra's nephew-in-law.

Jossip's take on the list (lol)
Page Six Magazine Ruins Valentine's Day with Homewrecking
Since it's Valentine's Day and everything, both Time Out: New York and Page Six Magazine are doing a top 50-150 eligible bachelors/bachelorette list so you can fantasize about boning a celebrity while you break out your Hitachi magic wand for the umpteenth time. The only problem about these guy's list? It includes a lot of not-so-single gents.

Fred Armisen is engaged to Elisabeth Moss, which Page Six notes, but then includes him anyway? Nothing is mentioned about Andy Samberg's relationship with Joanna Newsom,
so the only "legitimately" single person in that pack is Seth Meyers, and if you think you're going to be his rebound from Rashida Jones, you crazy.