Monday, February 16, 2009

Movies: Roadside Assistance

Back in 2001 Rashida starred in a short film called Roadside Assistance with Adam Brody. It's now available to watch online via the MiniMovie Channel. It's pretty cute and just 20 minutes long.

Synopsis: Lucy's on the way to watch the man she loves marry her best friend until a bus accident in the middle of nowhere opens of a new world of romantic possibilities. Includes a lengthy scene of her and Adam dancing in their underwear, if you're into that sort of thing ;-)

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"Did somebody say... tango?"

Huge thanks to tipster Brad for this!

Movie pages: IMDb, MiniMovie Channel
Stars: Rashida, Adam Brody, Linda Carlson, Rudy Young
She plays: Lucy
Writer/Director: Jennifer Derwingson
Release date: