Monday, March 9, 2009

Misc: The Word II

Some bits and pieces:

Open All Night asked the cast about their real-life bonding rituals
New York, March 6, 2009 – The Cinema Society, Details and Svedka Vodka made for a fun Friday night with a screening of the hilarious I Love You, Man. Stars Paul Rudd and Jason Segel talked about their real-life male bonding rituals. Rudd admits to the occasional poker game and fantasy sports, while Segel said a friend helped him get over a break up with rigorous swimming and running workouts. Co-star Rashida Jones confessed to sharing “specific and graphic” details of intimacy with her girlfriends.

Vanity Fair's coverage: VF Daily’s picks for the top three parties around the globe last weekend
#2: Society Watching
What: The Cinema Society Screening of I Love You, Man and after-party, which was sponsored by Svedka and Details.
Where: The Tribeca Grand Hotel screening room and the SoHo Grand Hotel penthouse, New York City.
Who: Cast members Rashida Jones, Jason Segel, and Paul Rudd, Ed Norton, Jack McBrayer, Parker Posey, Jesse McCartney, Ugly Betty stars Becki Newton and Eric Mabius (both spotted last week at the DKNYMen fragrance launch), Bee Shaffer, Charlotte Ronson, Jessica Joffe, Dylan Lauren, Liam McMullan Moby, Andrew Saffir, and Daniel Benedict.
Why: Because Cinema Society events continue to draw A-list luster. (See exhibits A, B, and C.)
Talking Point: The fact that comedy is the new black, and Liam McMullan’s locks have been newly blonded.

Cool link: see "the new black" for her co-stars Paul, Jason and Amy Poehler in the Comedy's New Legends portfolio.

Another Rashida-David Wain collaboration
She filmed a cameo in
Role Models and it's included in the Blu-Ray's deleted scenes. Director David Wain shares a review of the disc here.


Paul Rudd and Jason Segel talk bromance, pizza and masturbation... and say nice things about Rashida.

So the movie was about you guys being romantic. How did Rashida Jones fit in with the dynamics of the film?
PR: I've known Rashida for a long time. And it seemed very natural because we - Jason how long have you know Rashida, do you know her very well?
JS: I've known her since I was 18 so, 11 years.
PR: Yeah right, so it was really actually quite easy. Rashida is very much kind of one of the guys. You know, she kind of is - hilarious and cool and easy to hang out with and um...
JS: She is like one of the most stunningly beautiful women you'll ever see in your life.
PR: That part would make it a little uncomfortable because we would just [be in awe] even though we know her and have been friends with her. You just say, wait a minute, she is just stunning. And then Jason and I would look at each other to kind of shock ourselves back and where am I gonna go with this, I wonder... Apparently, nowhere.

And Rashida and the boys were in Beantown last week*

Boston Herald > The Inside Track
“I Love You, Man” stars Paul Rudd, Jason Segel and Rashida Jones chowing and cocktailing at Alibi in the Liberty Hotel before heading to the AMC Boston Common for a screening of their movie (Jason loved the place so much, he returned post-screening for some red wine before heading upstairs to bed) . . .

*Not sure how accurate this is since only Paul and Jason were at the theater