Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Style: I Love You, Man screening, NY

A couple sites have given their verdict on Friday night's look -Glamour's full-on girl crushing but the RCFA judges aren't impressed by the dress.


"Rashida Jones does herself a disservice wearing this unflattering Phi Pre-Fall 2009 tunic dress.
The pink is nice, but the shape does nothing for her, and engulfs her small frame.

Phi Pre-Fall 2009

Info & images via Red Carpet Fashion Awards & Style.com


Jimmy Choo 'Glint' peep-toe suede ankle boots, available online at Bluefly for almost $800.

R.J. Image via Sweet Kiwi

Makeup (Glamour online article)
My Pick for the Best Makeup Look for a First Date
Monday, 03/ 9/2009 at 1:25 PM Comments (13)

I’ve always adored Rashida Jones, even when I was screaming at her to get her mitts off my TV boyfriend Jim Halpert on The Office. But the pretty overall rosy makeup style she wore to the premiere of her new movie I Love You, Man may have just officially kicked me into full-on girl crush mode. Let's go over it, shall we? Because I kind of think it's the most perfect date makeup look ever.

There’s nothing complicated here—just a bit of a rosy blush and matching lipstick, both with just a hint of mauve that picks up on her dress without looking too matchy-matchy. And she kept her eyes simple with some liner and mascara. The effect is very sweet and lovely but not distracting in anyway—pretty much everything we all look for in a date makeup style in the getting-to-know-you phase, right?

Here are a few shades to give a go if you don’t have a mauve-y pink or two stashed away in your makeup bag already:

Info & images via Glamour: Girls in the Beauty Department