Monday, March 30, 2009

Misc: The Word V

Entertainment Weekly: The Bullseye
Rashida takes center spot in the March 23 edition, "just because."

The New York Observer: Rashida Jones Strikes It Big
Rashida Jones is kinda having a moment. The beautiful daughter of Quincy Jones and actress Peggy Lipton is a proud part of the No. 1 comedy in America, I Love You, Man; she’s a co-star on the highly anticipated Parks and Recreation, which debuts on April 9—poor test screening results be damned! And just this week, she sold her first screenplay, the snappily titled Celeste and Jesse Forever, which she co-wrote with actor Will McCormack (Brothers and Sisters)...

In His Beauty Universe: Me and Miss Jones
Hairstylist Ted Gibson created her look for the Martha appearance.

His post has a cool link to...

The Daily Makeover Look Book: Rashida Jones
It's got the instructions for re-creating these 8 styles

British denim brand MIH parties in style
Thursday night MIH denim designer Chloe Lonsdale hosted an intimate party at the Hancock Park home of celebrity stylist Estee Stanley. It wasn’t the usual fashion crowd, most of whom were probably at Decades Two where Rachel Zoe auctioned off her costume jewelry while being filmed for the second season of her Bravo reality show. The people mixing it up at the MIH party were a low-key bunch, peppered with a few A-list stars.

The diminutive Olsen twins lurked in the shadows of the dimly lighted back patio, sinking way into the couches and smoking the occasional cigarette.
Rashida Jones held court in a dark corner by a heat lamp...

Info via Los Angeles Times: All The Rage