Monday, March 23, 2009

Misc: The Word IV

I Love You, Man came second at the box office this weekend, behind Nicolas Cage's Knowing and ahead of Julia Roberts and Clive Owen's Duplicity. I saw it Saturday and thought it was great - very funny, good performances and Rashida looked gorgeous!

Box Office Prophets: Weekend Wrap-Up
Finishing a healthy second this weekend is I Love You, Man – the 'bromance' comedy starring two Judd Apatow vets, Paul Rudd and Jason Segel, two guys that have kissed the B-list goodbye and moved up a notch. From Paramount, I Love You, Man did great business for an adult, R-rated comedy, as it grossed $18 million over its opening frame. It didn't open on a gargantuan number of screens – only 2,711 – so it brings home an excellent venue average of $6,641.

Women's Wear Daily (WWD): Comedy's New Queen
“Filming this movie was the best job I’ve ever had. I would go to set when I wasn’t working just because I wanted to see everybody and hang out."

Photograph: Talaya Centeno

Boston Herald: 'I Love You' star Rashida Jones embraces improv
"I was having such a good time with the acting classes, I decided I should at least give acting a try."

Collider: Rashida Jones
"I hate to say that because I feel those are two things that people always say, like, 'I'm a guy's girl –' or like 'I was a huge geek in school.' And you're like, 'No, you weren't and no you weren't.'" Rashida Jones
"Most people only approach me to be nice which is really sweet. It's still something that catches you off guard when it's eight in the morning and you feel like you're alone and getting a coffee and someone recognizes you, you almost forget that you're in public."

SheKnows: Hollywood's new It girl
"I have always performed when I was a kid. I was in every play and musical, the chorus, jazz band – everything. I continued on with that through college. I was kind of an overachiever."

There were lots of blogs this week, mostly because of the movie. I picked these three because they had nice pics.

Internet The Hotness of the Week (with 8 pics)
She is hot because she is just about everything that you want in a girl, smart (Harvard Graduate 1997), funny (see “I Love You, Man”, “her cameos on “The Office”, and upcoming “Parks and Recreation”) and she is hot (see above picture). For that Rashida Jones is our Hotness Of The Week and is a perfect spring crush that you can think about...

The Frisky: Girl Crush (with 7 pics)
Jones dresses really cute and we want to see more of her outfits! With a role in “I Love You, Man,” which hits theaters today, and the upcoming NBC show “Parks & Services,” Rashida is back in the spotlight. This pleases us greatly because we could use some style inspiration for spring...

Fashion Intelligentsia: I Love Rashida
Don’t you love it when you think someone is cool and then you find out they are a Harvard grad and used to work at Barneys? I love amazing surprises like that. The Harvard Grad and Barneys Girl (she revealed this on Martha) I am talking about is Rashida Jones...

Mother Nature Network: Ecollywood
“I don’t have plastic bottles in my house. I use recyclable glass,” says Rashida Jones (The Office), whose profile is higher than ever these days with roles in the new movie I Love You, Man as Paul Rudd’s fiancĂ©e and in the NBC midseason Amy Poehler comedy Parks and Recreation as a nurse who encounters local government bureaucracy. “She’s not cynical. She’s definitely a caretaker. She’s compassionate,” says Jones of her character Ann Perkins. “She sees a problem and wants to fix it. That’s kind of her M.O.” The series premieres Apr. 9.