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TV: R.J. talks 'Parks and Recreation'

Yesterday Rashida did some roundtable interviews at the New York press junket for I Love You, Man. was one of the participants and took the opportunity to ask about Parks and Recreation.
Rashida Jones talks PARKS AND RECREATION – New NBC Show from Maker’s of The Office
3/8/2009 Posted by Frost

Question: Speaking of fun, can you talk about your upcoming project with Amy Poehler?
Rashida Jones: Now that is fun, yeah. It's called 'Parks and Recreation' and it comes on April 9th on NBC and it is a comedy about local government and the challenges you face when trying to actually execute any kind of project on a city level.

It was amazing how mysterious they kept what the show was going to be about.
Jones: I know. That was insane.

People were wondering if it was going to be an 'Office' spin-off. Was it always mysterious to you as well?
Jones: Completely, honestly. I was kind of hold for it not knowing anything about it, not being told anything about it and not knowing if I was even going to get to do it and I actually found out as everyone else found out. It was like, 'Is it really a spin-off?' I had to call people and get confirmation, but I do understand their need to keep it under wraps because they don't want people's expectations to be anything that they're not or should be for the show.

And is it a spin-off?
Jones: No. It is not a spin-off.

So it's a clearly a separate universe?
Jones: It is a separate universe. It takes place in Indiana.

Is it the same kind of mockumentary shooting style, following the characters around?
Jones: Yes. Similar style, but the difference is that you kind of don't know why the crew is following 'The Office' and you can kind of tell a little more on this one because there's sort of like or it feels like two crews. One is following me who's like the concerned citizen with the complaint and then the other crew is following Amy Poehler's character who's like the city official, looking inside on city government. They kind of converge as we converge as friends.

You work on the show with Aziz Ansari who is brilliant.
Jones: Yes, totally brilliant. I love him.

Did you know his work before getting on the show and what's it been like working with him?
Jones: I did, I did. I'm a big fan of 'Human Giant' and he had a little part on 'I Love You, Man' which is how we first met. He's so cool. I mean, I feel like he is young comedy. He's like the embodiment of young comedy. He's hilarious and he kind of knows everything and does all his promotion online. He's twenty six. He is a wonderful improviser and at this stage where we're still trying to figure out who our characters are it's such a good thing for someone to have such a strong point of view. His character is kind of a sleeze ball and he's just constantly hitting on girls. There's something about Aziz where you don't feel threatened by him, but you're still grossed out by his advances. So he's pretty great [laughs].

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