Monday, March 16, 2009

Misc: The Word III

Some recent interviews about the movie and other things
San Francisco Chronicle: Rashida Jones talks about 'I Love You, Man'
The Sly Fox: Rashida's Rhapsody [recommended] (Vancouver Online): Rashida Jones makes it on own without parental pull

Chickolith: Rashida Jones
A nice write-up by Ned Hepburn, who starts his article with "Rashida Jones is so damn attractive that I’ve recently developed a script called “Me and Rashida Jones Eating Instant Oatmeal On My Bed While I Write About How Hot She Is”. It stars me as myself, and her as herself, and the bowl of oatmeal has the voice of Sean Connery..."

R.J. fan and We Heart This member T forwarded this link to their site
Interview with Christy Coleman, natural makeup artist
Who’s makeup do you really enjoy doing?
...I just worked with Rashida Jones, who’s gorgeous and so nice and fun. She’s really spunky and has the most amazing eyes. I have never encountered anyone that I haven’t wanted to be there for...

Talk Show Appearance: Rashida will be on the Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson (CBS) on Wednesday, March 18
[via Interbridge & tipster B]

Reminder: The I Love You, Man premiere is tomorrow night (those ebay tickets we linked earlier sold for $355!!) and it's in theaters this weekend. IMDb has info on the international release dates.

For reviews check out aggregator sites Rotten Tomatoes and Metacritic. They're overall positive about the movie and her performance. And her looks, lolz.

"I don't need to invite stalkers into my life. I just don't really see the point."
--on why she doesn't Twitter

*at the source (usa today) the 'recent posts' next to it was "Watch: Alanis Morrissette trims her toenails!" Srsly! Kind of fitting given Rashida's quote.

Thanks to this week's tipsters :)